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for aiding and abetting the Joyreader

On the Web
Links to sites on the Web of paticular interest to avid Joyreaders with brief blurbs of explaination and occassionaly links to my longer reviews

On the Bookshelf
A list of books useful or entertaining for the avid Joyreader with blurbs of explaination and occassionaly links to my longer reviews

Reference & Research
A list of products and services on and off the Web of particular use for reference & research to support the efforts of the avid Joyreader with blurbs of explaination..  Links when applicable. Other contact info when available.

Accessories & Necessaries
My reviews and reccomendations of a variety of products and services to aid and abet the avid Joyreader.  Links when applicable.  Other contact info when available.  With special emphasis on aids to protect healthy eyesight and aids for the visually impaired of which I have special knowledge :)


*some of this is still in the works, the lists are short or non-existant but I'm going to launch with what I have.  Anyone with interest in something hinted at here but not yet provided, or with related info you might think of interest to me, pleace email with with the link at left