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by Joy Renee


The Modern Word  
A site dedicated to the promotion and the analysis of the literary genre of Magic Realism.  A real work of love.  Offers a free newsletter.  Holds word play contests.  Publishes essays on related topics from many well know writers.  Interesting from a writer's perspective for the bios of the authors:  Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Jorge Borges, Franz Kafka, Thomas Pynchon, among others.  Also features meticulous and comprehensive annotated bibligoraphies of all works by and sometimes about the featured writer.  Warning: it is easy to lose yourself in the labrynth for hours and hours.

Oprah's Book Club
This link should take you right to the sign up page.  Once signed up you can participate in the discussions

An interesting experiment in sharing the joy of reading and in reaching out to make connections.  It's also an exercise in letting go and trusting the Universe.  I haven't tried it yet but I am intrigued and if i do, I will let you know right here.


2004 by Joy Renee Davis

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