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Joyreader's ManIfesto

There are many reason’s for reading. Among them education, entertainment, expanding horizons and escape. But Joyreaders know that ‘reasons’ for reading are simply a veneer of respectability for an activity that has all the attributes of addiction.

Joyreaders know that those who do not know how to read for the simple joy of it are just text drudges for the status quo. They think they have gained the world, but they have lost their soul

Joyreaders know that you must lose yourself to find yourself. You must let go and fall into the dream until you become the dream. And then you will wake to yourself.

Joyreaders know that reading is not just a subject-object action. It is an I-Thou relationship. Reading is as much done to the reader as done by them..

Joyreaders know that reading is transforming. It performs subtle alterations of attitude and viewpoint which readers for ‘reasons’ often find--if they recognize them at all--disturbing if not downright objectionable. While Joyreaders crave and eagerly search for these self-creating conversions.

Joyreaders read to transcend the self. And they know that when you read for the joy of it, reading is the reason.