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A Book Review
by Joy Renee


Our Media not Theirs: The Democratic Struggle Against Corporate Media
By Robert W. McChesney & John Nichols
© 2002
Seven Stories Press


Forwards by Noam Chomsky, Barbara Ehrenreich & Ralph Nader

Subject: Media critique

Our Media Not Theirs is a succinct presentation of the material gathered in McChesney & Nichols previous book, Itís the Media, Stupid.

Chapter 1 is an indictment of the current state of the media and the path it is on. The authors find commercialized, conglomerate, de-regulated media a death-dealer to truth and democracy.

Chapter 2 reveals the ways many other countries have been fighting back and regaining public control and/or influence over the media by framing it as a necessary right and duty to the maintenance of a viable democracy.

Chapter 3 suggests ways to stimulate the demand in a pan-partisan, grass roots movement that could have the power to force an open debate in the halls of power in spite of current big mediaís blackout of the discussion

© 2004 by Joy Renee Davis

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